Are you REALLY upset about the Cowboys latest signing?

Cowboy fans, and really all NFL fans, please stop with this moral high-ground stance when players with legal issues get signed to new contracts. Because it starts with this undeniable fact:


You are. There is no way to get around it. A collective fan base is extremely powerful when acting as one, cohesive unit. Much like any other business, if the consumer quits purchasing a product, the business will fail/be forced to change. If you are truly upset, and you are so wildly morally outraged that player X gets to still play and make millions of dollars after hitting a woman, or pulling out a gun, or driving drunk (possibly killing another human being), or abusing dogs/animals, or whatever crime the player committed, then this is how you would stand on those morals:

1. You would NEVER watch those games EVER AGAIN
2. You would NEVER buy/wear any gear by the teams
3. These two actions would ensure you NEVER, EVER associate yourself with the NFL ever again

Why step 3? Because every NFL franchise have players/had players who did some horrible things away from the football field. USA Today has complied every single arrest/charge in the NFL since 2000 ( Their records state there has been almost 800 events in that time frame. So lets look at specifically at players currently on the Dallas Cowboys roster for argument’s sake.

2014 Greg Hardy- “Police responded to call and reported that a woman accused Hardy of assaulting her and threatening her”
2012 Dez Bryant- “Turned himself in after being accused by his mother of hitting her.”
2012 Josh Brent- “Charged with intoxication manslaughter after flipping his car, killing teammate Jerry Brown. Police report blood-alcohol content at .189”
2011, 2013 Orlando McClain- “Accused of discharging a gun within city limits of Decatur, Ala., and putting a gun next to a man’s head in fight.” “Accused of resisting arrest at park in Decatur, Ala., after police responded to report of disturbance”

Not exactly the greatest line up. However, there was zero backlash against McClain being signed and all he did was put a gun to a man’s head. Let’s not also forget the Cowboys signed Adam “Pac Man” Jones and as of 2013 “Accused of punching a woman outside a Cincinnati bar on June 5. It is his eighth run-in with the law since 2005”. Crickets….crickets. Are the voices louder today because of the Ray Rice video? More than likely. So let’s go look at a few examples pre-2013 of specifically domestic violence.

2010 – Will Smith, DE for the Saints, “Charged after police in Lafayette, La., observed him allegedly arguing with his wife and pulling her by the hair.” He played for the saints for another 2 seasons after the incident

2010 – Leory Hill, linebacker for the Seahawks, “Charged with investigation of assault in the fourth degree/domestic violence from dispute with girlfriend in Issaquah, Wash”. He played for the Seahawks for another 2 seasons after the incident

2009 – Quinn Ojinnaka, OT for the Falcons at the time, “Accused of tossing his wife down the stairs and throwing her out of the house after an argument over him contacting a girl on Facebook in Gwinnett County, Ga.” He played in the NFL for another 3 years

2005 – Larry Johnson, RB for the KC Chiefs, “Accused of domestic abuse in scuffle with his girlfriend at a bar. Police said he shoved her to the floor.” Played for the Chiefs for another 4 years, was playing in the NFL until 2012. Also in 2003, “Accused of brandishing a gun during a dispute with his girlfriend, felony aggravated assault.”

2003- Michael Pittman, RB for the TB Bucs, “Police said he rammed his Hummer into his wife’s Mercedes, which was carrying his 2-year-old child and a babysitter in Phoenix.” Played on TB for another 4 years, was in the NFL till 2008

2000 – Corey Dillon, RB for the Bengals, “Accused of striking his wife in Washington, fourth-degree assault.” He played for the Bengals another 3 years, played in the NFL till 2006

2000 – Rod Smith, WR for the Broncos, “Accused of choking, beating and shoving his common-law wife at home near Denver.” He played for the Broncos for another 6 seasons.

2000 – Ray Lewis, LB for the Ravens, “Accused of murder in the stabbing deaths of two men outside a nightclub in Atlanta on the night of the Super Bowl.” Will most likely be a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer.

Do we see a trend here? I didn’t even put Adrian Peterson’s latest event on here because he will be playing football until he can’t run. Most of the cases I listed involved the players pleading to guilty to a lesser charge. Here is the thing, we all know right from wrong (hopefully). Think we can safely say hitting a woman or child is wrong, drinking and driving is wrong, murder is wrong.

So what gives? How can we as humanity stand for such injustice!? Let’s start with the idea of second chances. This country is full of people who have drastically turned their lives around after some dark, troubled days. If you serve the time for the crime, then any business (NFL or any other big business) can employ you at their own discretion. Second point, when you possess a very specialized skill that very few people can duplicate (ie star athletes, top actors/actresses, 4 star generals, we just saw General Petraeus get a slap on the wrist for willfully giving his mistress/author classified information) these individuals get off easy. It’s a hard fact to stomach, but it is reality. Life isn’t fair, and if you haven’t figured that out/accepted that yet, you are probably the one who complains the most and the loudest.

People haven’t stopped watching movies with actors who have domestic abuse arrests. People are not going to stop watching the NFL either. So stop with the fake outrage. You can be disappointed for sure, but there is no need to put on some spectacle about how “you can’t believe they did this” or “Team X will do whatever it takes to win, including selling their soul” All teams in all sports will do whatever it takes to win, that’s another fact. But at the root of this whole thing is social media has made it “trendy, fashionable, hip, etc.” to voice his or her 2 cents on hot button issues. I’m certainly guilty of doing it as well. These actions have become all but natural in society. But, can we all stop pretending like we are really outraged about this? This type of hollow and empty social media outrage fuels this imaginary fire that things can be changed with 140 characters at a time. It can START a change, it can IGNITE that fire, but it can’t sustain it. ACTIONS are what sustain change, not tweets/pics/memes/vines/FB statues/etc.

You are not a trend-setter by talking about your outrage with this topic. As long as your team wins, or you are entertained (see Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson, Nicholas Cage, the list goes on) you will turn your back to their troubled past. Do I like that it is easy for me to disconnect myself from what all of these individuals have done to enjoy their craft that they have elevated to the highest level? No, absolutely not. But when it comes to entertainment, those recognizable faces/players are often looked at as simply entertainers, not actual people. Think about growing up, when did you finally realize that there is an actual human being in those jerseys?

As a kid, you see these entertainers for what they do, not as an actual person. You might become more conscious of that those are actual humans out there, but you get consumed by the great feeling of joy, angry, frustrations, jubilation, any number of strong emotions because of the talent they have. It is because of this that allows so many of us to have the layer of disconnection between ourselves and those out there on that stage or field. The entertainment is so enjoyable for us, we don’t want to remember the person under the helmet that punched a woman, or that William Wallace isn’t actually a hero off the big screen. So while I condemn the actions taking by these athletes, performers, etc, I will not pretend to be morally outraged when they continue to get work. I also would encourage others to accept this as well, mainly just to put an end to endless whining. If you won’t accept it, you can do two things. First of which is take action, refuse to consume “products” produced by those with domestic violence charges. That’s how you can really make a statement. But if you can’t stop yourself from flipping on the Redzone channel, or going to that new movies, then do us all a favor and shut up.


The Big XII commish went all-in…and lost

Yup, talking playoffs today. Let’s go ahead and establish some things:

1. I am an alumnus of a Big XII school and staunch defender of the Big XII as the second best conference in the land

2. I can’t stand the Big 10, especially Ohio State

3. The SEC fan base drives me crazy as well

4. It is the playoff committee’s job to produce rankings each week based on current body of work. This explains why teams can rise and fall each week, even without losses.

5. Let’s not complain about the playoff too much, after all, it kicked the BCS out.

Now with all those ground rules established, I’m going to start off by stating that I personally feel that the rankings are correct. I have zero issues with Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State going to the playoff. Obviously, the first 3 are no-brainers. It’s this fourth spot that has been the biggest issue. Well let’s look at some numbers.

The first of which are records against ranked opponents. While some teams drop drastically during the season, I still value the wins because the stage the teams have to play on is a much bigger one than when the teams are not ranked. College football is home to the most passionate fans in the country, so for argument’s sake, teams will be kept anonymous for now in order to hopefully bring attention to the facts.

Team A: 3-0

Team B: 3-0

Team C: 4-1

The next thing we will look at is strength of schedule (here is my source on that,

Team A: 56th

Team B: 52th

Team C: 42nd

Now, lets look at the final ranking of each teams’ worst lost (same site used above):

Team A:#26

Team B: #50

Team C: #7

I would argue those are the three biggest factors, after overall record, that should be considered for a spot in the playoff. I’m sure that these are weighed by the committee. So looking at those numbers, a few things stand out. SOS (strength of schedule) shows that the gap is not a tremendous one. For the determining factor, it can be considered a wash. Record against ranked teams is close to equal as well, so I would personally throw that out. Which would leave me with worst lost. Clearly the worse loss is by Team B. So through this small lens, it looks like Team A and Team C would get in over Team B. But lets sprinkling in some new details.

The next details will give the teams away so I’m done with the cloak and dagger game. Team B also lost their game at home, which reveals they are THE Ohio State University (…gag). Team C has the best loss, but was beat by Team A. TCU, it simple. TCU looks like a top 4 team right now for sure, but already lost to Team A (Baylor). Head-to-head has to trump everything when all is equal, otherwise why do we keep score on these fall Saturdays? That reason alone whittles it down to Ohio State and Baylor. I’m not going to compare the losses because each has arguments that, to me, end up sounding like excuses. Baylor was on the road, West Virginia was playing well, hostile environment, etc. Sounds like any other thing a team has to deal with. Ohio State lost at home, to a worse team, buuuuuuuuuutttttttt (as I know Buckeye fans, as well as the media, are quick to point out) they were playing with a new QB, it was the perfect storm of things to go wrong, Virginia tech played the best it did all year in that game, they are playing so much better now, blah blah blah. Ohio state was not the first, nor will it be the last, to deal with major injuries so give me a break. Both schools end up sounding whinny when it comes to defending the one blemish on their respective schedules. So how did Ohio State get the nod over Baylor?

Bob Bowlsby’s can really only blame himself, but we will get to that shortly. Strictly speaking to on the field reasons, in my mind, there is no doubt Ohio State got it because of a conference championship game. It’s 1 more time Ohio State had to go out and show their worth that Baylor didn’t get. It’s 1 more time Ohio State could have choked/defended the loss on a 3 string QB/shouted from the roof tops how they got a raw deal (did I mention I’m not a fan of Ohio State). It’s 1 more time 18-22 year olds’ motivation could be in different spots, or not able to control the emotions of the moment, which impacts the quality of performance. But it was also 1 more time that they got to go out and make a statement. It was a statement they emphatically made. Ohio State has looked good the past 6 weeks, but it was hard to really buy them being a top 4 team with a 3rd QB. Welp, as the old ball coach would say, they stomped doubts out quickly. Every aspect of the game was dominated, and you shut down the best RB in college football, that team can no longer be ignored. I would think that anyone who really follows college football would agree (unless you’re a Big 10 homer) that the Big XII is an overall stronger conference than the Big 10. But playing 1 more game, with all the things that could go wrong before and during a game, Ohio state rose to that opportunity and delivered exactly how they need to in order to jump into the playoff.

TCU and Baylor, I would love to agree with the argument that if you were Texas or Oklahoma, you wouldn’t have dropped. But I don’t believe that. No matter the 4 teams in the playoff, the amount of cash is going to be absurd (which is why I’m astounded it took so long to get a playoff in place). The playoff committee is not making decisions to fatten their wallets. How in the world is Lieutenant General Mike Gould going to make more money off of his selections? He isn’t. Tom Osborne’s wallet isn’t getting fatter with brand names in the playoff. The only way that would be happening is with SUPER SHADY dealings, which would be one of the largest sports stories of all time. So I can’t believe for one second brand name is a factor in that room. TCU, and more specifically Baylor, need to be upset with Bow Bowlsby.

“One True Champion”… ass. Pre-season, the Big XII PR department and commissioner nailed this one. A conference that plays everyone every year was a great argument going into this season, and it still is. I believe all conferences should do that. Get rid of cupcake games, and just play everyone in your conference. But, because that probably will never go away because FCS schools love that money, the Big XII appeared to have a good scheduling argument for this playoff. Everything was fine until TCU and Baylor kept winning and had to lose a game along the way. So ole Bob sat there, waiting for things to unfold. Can’t say I blame him, no need to make a statement with 4 and 5 games left in the season. But then it gets down to the last 2 weeks and still no real statement. Well, Bob and his advisor/constituents/bros/whoever he talked to came up with a genius gamble. “Hey, if the way things are going and we get a few bounces, we could sneak 2 teams into this bracket. If I don’t name a true champion, and call them co-champions, then it present two conference champions to the playoff committee. Yes,” he said taking one last powerful puff on his cigar, “let’s run with it.” So on Dec 1st, a week before the final rankings would come out, Bob informs everyone of his gamble. His statement leaves most/all people perplexed. Normally a pretty simple and clear tie breaker is head-to-head matchups. Bowlsby even stated during the Big 12 Media days to start the season that head-to-head would be the first tie-breaker in deterring his “One True Champion.” But in his mind, and I’m sure plenty of others, the thought was “This is college football, nothing stay status quo.”

The morning of December 7th, the college football world woke with Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State, TCU, and Baylor all having won their final game. Status quo was the worst possible situation for the Big XII. But Bowlsby’s game plan was in place, too late to turn back now. He pushed all his green and purple chips emphatically to the center of the table with the all the other Scarlet chips in as well. Everyone knows how this turned out. The Big XII’s two pair lost to the Ohio State’s flush. Big XII fans grabbed their pitch forks and torches demanding answers from the conferences leader. He provides them with this gem. If TCU could have back pedaled that quickly, they probably would have beat Baylor. Big XII fans fire back with, “Well, now that it’s decided, could you at least tell us who you would have voted for?” Bowlsby responded. Umm, I guess it makes sense if he “misspoke” earlier about head-to-head. So with those two giant failures/head scratchers out there, the next outcry is, “We need a conference championship game!” The conference can’t play one without getting to 12 teams, NCAA rule. So have to add two teams, simple right? Commish says everyone calm down, not gonna happen right now.

So it’s been 2 days, change won’t and can’t happen this quickly for the Big XII, but Bowlsby has to come up with a game plan this off-season. It can’t be, “Pray to the football Gods we have someone go undefeated.” There has to be entirely way too many things to fall into place for a conference to try to weasel two teams into the playoffs from one conference, doesn’t matter which conference it is. What the Big XII did has to be a lesson for all the Power 5 conferences. A conference has to go all in on one team getting into the playoffs. More importantly, the Big XII needs to find 2 teams to come to its conference so all of the Power 5 conference are on the same playing field. The Big XII took a swift kick to the gut on this decision, but it was the correct one. Now, who is going to be the winner of the first ever playoff?

That’s easy. Nike.



Cowboy Fans: Let’s take one tiny, step back

It feels good to be back on the website! The past year and few months were dedicated to finishing my master’s degree (which will be done in 2 weeks), getting engaged, getting married, and now am in the process of moving across the country to Wyoming. I know that getting back to writing freely, and not weekly forum posts and a thesis, will be very welcoming again. I last posted on the NFL…for the 2013 season. So it is only fitting I pick up with the NFL again , but specifically about one team. America’s team. And no it isn’t the Broncos, even the latest Harris Poll would show evidence for the Broncos.

Of course I’m talking about the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have made the improbable rise to 5-1 after an atrocious week 1 loss at home to the San Francisco 49’ers. This is the same team which played their home opener in Jerry’s world filled with what appeared and sounded like more Niner fans than Cowboys fans. The same Cowboys who started the season ranked 23 out of 32 teams, according to, with potential “to have the worst defense in history,” after losing “Jason Hatcher, DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee (again) from a defense that allowed the third-most yards ever last year.” Dallas has now risen to 3 in those same rankings. The media is going C-R-A-Z-Y because the Cowboys are good again. Let us all rejoice!! The Cowboys are back!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Except it’s not that great, at least for this Cowboy fan. Honestly, it shouldn’t be THAT great for Cowboy fans in general. Here’s why:

Let’s start with this undeniable fact from the last 19 seasons:

Since the Cowboys won their last Super Bowl in the ’95-’96, they have exactly 1 playoff win. One, insignificant, measly playoff win against an Eagles team that the Cowboys had beat the week earlier, and then proceeded to get stomped on by the Favre-lead Vikings. They also only have five playoff appearance in that same time. Only the Bengals, the Browns, the Lions, and the Chiefs have fewer playoff wins then the Cowboys during this same stretch of time, which would be zero. That freaking sucks. Period. The issue is the regular season, especially now in a NFL where there are no longer truly great teams. Because the NFL has achieved its goal of making it so any team has the opportunity to win on any Sunday (or sneak into the playoffs), mediocrity dominates many of the playoff teams regular season records. In the past few seasons, division winners are sometimes 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 etc. Lots of mediocre records are earning playoff home games. In short, the regular season doesn’t matter. A team just has to make it to the playoffs and has shown success. We have seen wild-card teams win three straight road games to get to the Super Bowl and win it. I do not care if the Cowboys go 15-1, Demarco Murray runs for 2000 yards, and Tony Romo wins the MVP. If that doesn’t translate into playoff success, this season will be considered more of a failure than just going 5-11 like many experts expected Dallas would.

Most of the NFL fans share this view on Cowboy fans:

Which is fine, because I would argue it’s just jealousy ;). But in all seriousness, the Cowboys must win in the playoffs. Cowboy fans, whether they were delusional views for certain seasons or not, have always expected the playoffs and Super Bowls. Well, why should the change now with the team being 5-1? If anything, those “Super Bowl or Bust” expectations actually have a little traction now. The Cowboys are now going to be playing the rest of the season with a media rush of praise and real expectations of winning. Those are justifiable with the way are the Cowboys are winning. This team has proven for almost two decades, however, that they cannot handle the pressure of winning on the biggest level. Jerry Jones has made it clear that is bothers him that people don’t think he was responsible for the previous Super Bowl titles and wants to be known as a “smart football guy”. It would appear like this team at least has a chance to possibly re-write the past choke jobs that have turned the Cowboys persona and reputation from winners to just a bad joke. But there is still a lot of season left, and a lot left to prove for this team to really get this Cowboy fan fired up.

So I urge all Cowboy fans to be cautiously optimistic about where this team is heading. Beating the Seahawks in Seattle does not mean we are going to the playoffs. It just means we are 5-1 with a quality win. But this team still have their six division games to play, along with games against Arizona, Chicago, and Indianapolis. So there is a ton of work left to do just to get into the playoffs. Show the NFL collective fan base that you are not simply a band wagoner going “WE ARE 5-1! SUCK IT TREBEK! WE ARE WINNING THE SUPER BOWL THIS YEAR! YOU CAN’T STOP US!! NUMBER SIX, HERE WE COME!” Tell your friends of other teams simply, “We are playing really great right now, but just need to keep on trucking, stay healthy, and remain a running team.” Or something like that. Don’t accept 5-1, 8-1, 10-1, or 12-1 as good enough. Support the team, watch the games, yell at the TV when moments are tense, but remember the end goal. It’s playoff success. It has to be, because the regular season wins don’t mean a thing without playoff runs.

In the mean time, I would still encourage the occasional jab at the inferior NFL franchises and fan bases. Let us not forget the Cowboys are 5-1 and Cowboys fans still have a reputation to uphold. After all, they are America’s team.

NFL 2013 Preview

I don’t know what it is, but that odd-shaped inflatable ball sure does get a lot of people fired up (myself included). Although the game is changing in the name of safety, the core of this gladiatorial sport sill remains. For how much longer? That will be up to Roger Goodell.

A9iiX9vCAAAJO1v (2)

It’s sad that in today’s game, the first thing people ask when there is a violent collision is “Was it legal? Oh he might have launched himself…suspend him for 18 games, press criminal charges, make his mama scold him for playing rough, and make sure the other guy isn’t a mashed potato.” Football is a very dangerous game, especially the higher the level. Players get bigger, stronger, and faster. I am all for taking unnecessary and cheap shots out of the game. But after seeing a hit in the pre-season game (see picture below), the game is on a slippery slope. The hit below was deemed illegal because he did use his shoulder. Well, does anyone actually realize how difficult it is to make a tackle on someone in the open field in the NFL? I just know it’s beyond difficult. But here is a rookie who made no attempt to do anything dirty, and more than likely had the intent to hit this man with his shoulder. But because it isn’t a tackling dummy standing still, his target point was constantly changing and happen to catch him with the helmet first. This wasn’t even called a penalty on the field because it looked like a clean hit and nobody outside of the NFL front office seemed to disagree with that. It’s a shame the extreme disadvantage the defense is at in the game today, but here is the undeniable fact:


You will still watch. I’m still going to watch. And the NFL knows it. Outside of just putting them in flags, the NFL can do whatever it wants and we the American consumer of this booming business will watch every Sunday, Monday, and sometimes Thursdays and Saturdays now. It is because we will watch that allows me to write a preview on the upcoming season. Same approach applies here as did with the College football preview. Each team gets 140 characters. I will break down each division with the teams in no particular order. Starting with the AFC:

AFC East

Patriots: Bill Belichick, Darth Vader, & the Sith Lord must have the same tailor, Brady is still REALLY good so don’t count them out, even w/o any TEs


Bills: Gave Harvard man $50 million, cut him, draft a QB in 1st round next year & sign new QB, both get hurt, sign Matt Leinhert, lose lots of games


Jets: BUTT FUMBLE + Rex Ryan + No QB + No RBs + No WRs + No TEs + No accountability = No fans, No TDs, and No chance at the playoffs

(Yes that says “unforgotten” on the bottom of that man’s stomach)

Dolphins: Mike Wallace took his talents to South Beach, probably won’t all click in 1st season, see a soph slump for QB, will be a tough out all year

AFC West


Chargers: “Where is LT? We still have to watch Rivers take snaps? I don’t even know how to get to the stadium.” Lots of losses for the bolts this year


Raiders: I mean, seriously…it’s the Raiders, if you can’t make fun of them, you shouldn’t be reading this. Run DMC needs to stay healthy big time


Chiefs: Yes, that’s a real stat from last year, they were that bad. Andy Reid should help them, but Alex Smith will find a way to mess it all up

The Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens AFC Divisional playoff game.

Broncos: One of the favorites in the AFC, but the picture reminds everyone how it’s possible for a WR to get behind the defense in “prevent” coverage

AFC North


Bengals: A.J. Green is insanely good. Dalton is pretty good, playoff team past two years. Can they get out of the 1st round this year? Es posible

111609 Browns fans

Browns: Trent Richardson is an absolute monster, but I don’t trust Weeden at all. And after all, it’s still the Browns, nobody can trust them


Ravens: Wacco Flacco got paid, but the ravens pulled a Miami Marlins and got rid of everybody. Might make the playoffs but who is there to throw to?


Steelers: Their offense is going to be pretty bad, but the defense has the ability to always make any game winnable, expect another .500 season

AFC South


Colts: Andrew Luck has got to be the nerdiest, uncool, beastly, goofy-looking, talented QB the NFL has ever seen


Texans: These guys are really good, and I can’t stand this fan base. But there is no denying how great Watt is on and off the field


Jaguars: What’s worse? Blaine Gabbert, The Head Coach, Jags attendance, or the new helmets? No matter the answer, it doesn’t equal more than 2 wins


Titians: This team should run the traditional power option with Jake Locker and Chris Johnson b/c lord knows Locker can’t throw downfield

NFC South


Panthers: If you don’t know who Luke Kuechly is, you should. Might be the best player on this team over Cam. Still will be lucky to play .500 football


Saints: All Drew Brees does is throw TD’s and all the defense does is give up TD’s. Defense just has to be decent and Saints will win 10 games


Bucs: Somebody want to explain to me what the hell a “Muscle Hamster” is. I know it doesn’t exactly strike fear into me, much less NFL defenses


Falcons: If the Falcons don’t get, at min, to the NFC championship game this year, is it time to start comparing Matty Ice to Tony Romo? Hope not

NFC North


Bears: Jay Cutler might be able to throw a football farther than Elway threw a Vortex, but couldn’t lead Haggard Middle School’s football team


Vikings: Bucket list item: see AP run live. For as good he is, that’s as bad as Ponder is. AP and D can still carry them to the 8-10 wins


Packers: Aaron Rodgers is really, really good and the packers still don’t have an answer for the running game. In other news, the pope is catholic


Lions: Megatron also is someone I need to see play live. There will be yards and point abound, but it’s still the Lions. 6-7 wins is what to expect

NFC West


Cardinals: Am I the only one who thinks that an old, broken down Carson palmer is a marginal QB upgrade at best for this team? Poor, poor Larry Fitz

San Francisco 49ers v St. Louis Rams

Rams: I can’t root for Sam Bradford, but can’t deny his skill. That defense is pretty solid as well. Could be the NFL sleeper team this year


Seahawks: If hipsters root for a football team, it’s this one. I really like Wilson though, and can’t argue with the best home field adv in the NFL


49er’s: Shame Crabtree went & got hurt again. Will be interesting to see Kaepernick’s 2nd year. By far the best team in the NFC, possibly entire NFL

NFC East


Eagles: The Eagles will score some points, Mike Vick will get hurt and miss time, Eagle fans will be pissed, but will give the NFC fits all season


Giants: Can’t ever tell what this team will do before the halfway point, so all I will say is I hate Eli Manning and Victor Cruz


Redskins: Shanahan better figure out how to protect his best player. Healthy RGIII probably = division title, no RGII = last in the division


Cowboys: An “uncomfortable offseason” = Romo got lots of $, didn’t fix the o-line, Garret is still Jerry’s puppet. Ugh, gonna be another roller coaster ride in Big D. But I’ll be there for every second of it I possibly can as I’m sure all NFL fans will be for their respective teams. I know everyone is tired of stupid off-season drama story lines for both the NFL and College football. Let’s get the football season started!


It’s interesting that I look at the huge gap in between posts. Last post was coming of the end of the football season, and my first one after it deals with the start of the new season! Got to be some sort of coincidence right?? Who knows? Moving right along, we will start by my own personal take on the preseason AP Top 25 poll. Honestly, preseason polls are nothing more than a good arguing point for college football fans because it’s all based solely on last year’s results and guessing what will happen this year. I mean USC was ranked #1 last year, and finished unranked. Plus, the AP poll is just the media, so what makes their voice so much more important than say, mine! I follow the game plenty, so how come I can’t give a vote for what teams I think will be good this year? I know, it’s their J-O-B, but how many of them REALLY actually watched more than just the prime-time games and slurped the Kool-Aid that other media outlets were producing?

With that being said, to kick this season off, I’m going to look at the AP Top 25 with my own spin on it. To limit the length of the post, each team will get the twitter treatment and have a limit of 140 characters. With that, we are off!

1. Alabama- Killed a tree, Saban is a football robot from the future, and it will take two losses in the regular season to stop a possible 3-peat
Ohio State

2. Ohio State- Braxton Miller Heisman front-runner, Urban Meyer still misses Tebow, best team in a weak Big 10, would be only 5th best team in SEC

3. Oregon- A high-octane fashion show that I can’t look away from, great chance to win Pac-12 and get more people to wear highlighter colors

(Word has it the picture above is their avg home attendance)
4. Stanford- The nerds have been hitting the weight room big time in Palo Alto, would not be a shocker if they won a second straight Rose Bowl

5. Georgia- If they lose to Clemson to start the year, people will be calling for Mark Richt to be fired, he will win 10 games, and life will move on.
South Carolina

6. South Carolina- “Welp, Clowney is fast, but my team is slightly overrated so hopefully he knocks ole boy’s helmet off again and Connor Shaw doesn’t suck”
Texas A&M


7. Texas A&M- Manziel get suspended for the season so A&M can win 5 games, then nobody outside of college station has to hear about y’all ever again

8. Clemson- Dabo! Sammy! Tajh! Offense everywhere! This the year the orange and purple meet those lofty expectations? Not buying it till I see it (see billboard for reminder of last BCS bowl season)

9. Louisville- They have a serious NFL prospect at QB. This team has no business in the top 10, see losses to 5-loss Syracuse & 7-loss UCONN at home in 2012

10. Florida- Probably deserved Alabama’s spot in the title game last year, if you listen closely, you can still hear Muschamp yelling on the sidelines
Florida State

11. Florida State- Have one of the greatest intro’s in college football, but the Seminole chop gets as annoying as Boomer Sooner. Should win the ACC this year

12. LSU- Coach eats grass, and their “off” year in 2012 were losses to #1, 8, & 10 in 2013 polls by a combined 13 points. The tigers will be good
Oklahoma State

13. Oklahoma State- HE’S A MAN! HE’S 45 NOW! COME AFTER THE REST OF THE BIG 12! And they will, lots of points in a wide open conference for the Cowboys
Notre Dame

14. Notre Dame-No more fake girlfriends, outside of possible questions at QB, Touchdown Jesus should be pretty happy with the 2013 season
Texas Longhorns

15. Texas-No love for a team with 19 starters back. I guess I’m not the only who doesn’t trusts David Ash & a D that couldn’t tackle anyone last year

16. Oklahoma-Blake Bell sucks, Boomer Sooner sucks, that Sooner Schooner sucks, Norman sucks, Stoops sucks, and that is 100% unbiased, just fact

17. Michigan-Not even sure if the best team in their own state, just find a way to beat Ohio State and it’s a good year for the Maize and Blue

18. Nebraska-11 wins last year, but all anyone remembers is getting 70 hung on them by a 5-loss team that didn’t belong in the conference title game
Boise State

19. Boise State-Join a big boy conference, then maybe everyone will take you seriously. In the meantime, shut up and color your blue turf

20. TCU-That new statue out front is terrifying, just like their defense will be, now lets see if Casey Pachall can put the bottle down

21. UCLA-The ultimate sleeper team in the Pac-12, they finally are going to be able to make the Battle for LA relevant nationally again

22. Northwestern (Football history is so poor and lacks rivals that I couldn’t find any “funny” thing to put up for them. Lame!)-This team will make life difficult for everyone in the conference, wouldn’t surprise me if they win 10 games this year

23. Wisconsin-This team has no business being in the top 25. Looked really bad at points last year, oh and had 5 losses!

24. USC-How does Lane Kiffin have a job? What has he done EVER to show he is actually knows how to coach or recruit? The answer is nothing

25. Oregon State-Wishes they were Oregon, try dropping Nike so you don’t play 2nd fiddle to the CEO’s Alma matter. Have no idea how they will do this year

And of course my Alma matter:
Red Raiders

Texas Tech-We could win 5 games; we could win 9 games. Nothing would surprise me. But we WILL be fun to watch this year! Welcome back Kliff! Wreck Em!

The season is within reach! Almost there! You can do it! The NFL will get a similar preview soon as well!

The Dog Days of Being a Sports Fan

The Super bowl was pretty damn good this year. However, something happens every year after the super bowl recaps are done. Sports fans encounter about a 3-4 week black hole. Unless your biggest sports passions are with basketball, hockey, golf, or tennis, it’s really hard to be excited about anything in the sports world this time of year. Even with basketball, it’s middle of the season for the NBA and it’s still a few weeks from the college basketball games really getting meaningful. It doesn’t mean the games are terrible. I have actually seen some great college games recently. But, this isn’t college football, so it’s hard to get super fired about the season until it is close to the end and the league tournaments start. When you really look at it, this is the worst time of the year for sports in general. Just think about what the weekends are like in the fall when football is going. Saturdays generally start for me around 930-1000 am. After making some breakfast, I’m firmly planted in front of the TV ready for College Gameday.

015 (4)

See? What a great way to start off my day! And while I’m eating my breakfast watching the crew preview the matchups, this is me anticipating the games:

Kickoff rolls around and all day, I’m pretty sure this is what I look like

But this is how I’m feeling all day

Then of course there is the fact that generally some beer is involved in some form or fashion during the day, so at some point I have to realize I have drank too much

That’s a pretty good sign.

Then I’m upset because all of the games have come to an end, but then it hits me:

I get to do it all again with the NFL tomorrow!!!! Man life is really good with football on TV.

But just like that, football goes away.

No worries though, I still have the weekends to relax. Well it’s only middle of February, I can go figure out something to do outside.

Well playing outside is over-rated anyways (Yes, it gets cold in SC, maybe not with snow, but cold enough to were no one wants to go outside).

Let me flip on the TV. Oh so lets see, there is professional bowling

Some golf tournament I’ve never heard of


What am I going to do? I try to keep my mind occupied. But without all those football games, for some reason, it just feels so lonely

And for just as glorious as the weekends are getting to witness 2 days of football, I get double dose of nothing-ness for these weeks. So Saturday shows up and does this

Then Sunday rolls along with this

So for roughly a three-week time frame we, as sports fans as a whole, suffer. We kick, scream, and exhaust all our energy

But just when we have had enough

March begins. All baseball teams have reported for spring training. The madness that is college basketball begins and it is fantastic. The playoff races are taking shape in the NBA and NHL. The build up for the first major of the year in golf is underway. Hell even NASCAR is well underway at this point. March brings anticipation of seeing that sports light at the end of the tunnel

Plus the weather is warming up, which means much better weather for so many more activities!

Rejoice sports fans! We can do this! It’s only a few weeks we have to deal with the dark, dog days of sports. We do it every year. We can do it again this year. So even though we feel like this for 3 weeks

We all know that our schedules will be full with great sporting events and we can be happy yet again!

Liar, liar, your career is on fire

2013 has already brought some compelling sports stories. Great match-ups in the NFL playoffs, fake girlfriends, NHL coming back, and pitchers and catchers are not far from reporting. But no story has been bigger than steroids. Two major headlines of the new year revolve directly around them. Lets take a look at each individually.

Baseball keeps its Hall-of-Fame doors shut for class of 2013

The writers spoke very loudly to some of the greatest players the game has ever seen. It looked Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemons right in the face and said “We don’t allow cheaters in here, kiss our ass.” Bold, but in my opinion, the right thing to do. The Hall-of-Fame is not a museum. It is a club that you have to earn the right to be in. The numbers baseball fans saw during that time were off the charts. But we all know why. These guys were blatantly cheating. Did baseball I’m general support it? You bet all those extra millions of dollars the game saw during that time they did! All the arguments about “well it was to stay on a level playing field” or “roids don’t help you hit home runs” or “I just did it to stay healthy” are all utter BS. First, THEY ARE ILLEGAL. That’s as clear cut as it gets. But if that doesn’t end the argument for you then there is this. You give the best baseball players in the world the ability to stay healthier and stronger for longer periods of time, it does help them hit home runs because the play in more games and now once two-hoppers to the fence are clearing the wall. So I applaud the writers in them sending the clear message to these guys.

Lance Armstrong is a dick

Lance Armstrong sat down to tell Oprah that he was a cheater (then apparently still lied about some stuff). Is it possible I can get my own special one-on-one chat with her to tell her that I’m bald? Or how bout it’s time I confess that I was born in Texas? Even better story for her, I have definitive proof that the world is indeed round. Lance Armstrong is living proof that if you cheat, you will get caught; no matter how powerful and/or popular you are. Here is a man who for over a decade hunted out media outlets around the world to scream about he was clean. He called people evil. He sued “liars” and took money from people who were telling the truth. He thought he was untouchable. Long fall down from the top isn’t? Sure all the money he has raised for cancer research is great. That must be what helps him sleep because in the interview, he appeared unapologetic. His emotions never matched the words that came out of his mouth. He isn’t sorry he cheated; he is sorry he got caught.

The common theme with athletes and steroids is none of them seem sorry or ashamed they took them. They are simply upset they got caught. I have yet to see an athlete who got caught using steroids and owned it. Something like “What I did was wrong. It was illegal. I did it to gain an advantage. I did it to get stronger. I’m sorry for being a cheater and a bad example.” People are pretty forgiving. It’s amazing what happens if you tell someone the truth and don’t shy away/make excuses for your actions. So Rodger, Bonds, Armstrong, A-rod, Sosa, and countless professional athletes who used illegal substances to do your job, I don’t feel an once of sorrow for you. You don’t have my respect. If anything, you own me and the general public respect points you can’t afford. Go look for pitty from someone else because I ain’t got time for that.

Sports + food = 95% of what I will write about

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