Don’t Just Learn to Laugh at Yourself, Love to Laugh at yourself!

The truth is we all do dumb shit. There are those embarrassing moments in your life that will never leave you. Whether it was an accident or a bet lost, there are moments in your life that aren’t your proudest. See the Example below (Still mad at Rex Ryan for that one, I still feel disgusting seeing I was captured having to put that ugly stuff on)

Something special is attached to these memories. They provide great stories. For me, personally, when an epic story happens that I know others would enjoy, it would be rude and selfish of me not to share it. So I will start by going over a handful of true stories with one thing in common; they all happened to me.

1. When I was attending my first day of class in 6th grade, new school, didn’t know anyone, I crashed my bike on the way there. Showed up with broken glasses, cut lip, and a bruised eye. Making friends was rough early on to say the least.

2. In 7th grade, I was reading the morning announcements to the entire school…my voice cracked as puberty reared its ugly head at the wrong time. I’m sure we all have a good cracked voice story, but mine resulted in the entire school knowing who I was for an embarrassing moment.

3. As a 16 year old sophomore, I fell off the mound while pitching against our high school JV team. Much like Tim Hudson did here. Except there was a runner on third, the game was tied in the 7th, and I actually threw the ball into our dugout while making the sound of a dying manatee. Luckily everyone was laughing so hard, including the runner on 3rd, that he didn’t score.

4. My senior year, after knocking out one of my two fake teeth during the weekend, and unable to see the dentist till Tuesday, I was able to make the tooth sit in place but I couldn’t chew on it or put any pressure on it. So naturally in my Monday morning Spanish class, failing to cover my mouth soon enough during a sneeze, I launched my tooth from the back of the room till it ricocheted off the white board and inches from my teacher’s skull.

5. I was told I could hold up the scoreboard at Jerry World…maybe one or two frosty beverages were involved…

6. After going 13-0 in beer pong at a party in college, during game 14, I fell into the dry wall at the home of one of my closest friends. I just sat there and laughed at him as I was the missing puzzle piece in his wall he never knew he needed. Ended up being $120 in damages (Yes I paid for it)

7. When purchasing resistance bands from the store about one month ago, I tried out different ones to see the amount of resistance I needed. I placed the bands under my feet and lifted the bands over my head. I forgot to secure the bands under my feet, and they popped up and smacked me in the balls. Imagine this guy’s face being my groin area, and don’t forget I was in the middle of the store (not the gym) when it happened to me.

Bottom line, I’ve had some funny stories at my expense (if you want more details on any story, just ask). Interesting enough, I can remember ever singe detail about all of those stories. And all I can do when I think about all those moments in my life is smile. And you should too. Not just at my stories (if you didn’t laugh at any of those, check your pulse), laugh and share your own. When you embrace these stories, it says a lot about you. Laughing at yourself shows you have thick skin and have no problems being vulnerable. It says, “I don’t take life too seriously, I just love the moment so much, I had to share with you.” I have yet to meet somebody who doesn’t enjoy laughing. So why can’t we laugh at ourselves just as much as we do at others’ expense?

Honestly, I don’t know the answer. There could be a countless of theories why, but I believe it really varies based on the person. It is also not enough to just learn to laugh at yourself. You must LOVE to laugh at yourself! Once you love yourself enough to constantly laugh at your stupidity, life becomes so much more fun. Now those little stressors of day-to-day life become an afterthought. It takes a lot to get you down when you can go “Hey remember when I…” then you laugh and go back about your day. I firmly believe that you have to enjoy life to the max, and the only way you can really embrace it is loving to laugh at yourself. If that doesn’t work for you, then think about my nuts getting bitch slapped by a resistance band so hard in the middle of Dick’s sporting goods, I yelled out a four-letter word and almost broke down and cried in the store. If that won’t make you laugh, I can’t help you. So start enjoying your embarrassing moments and laughing more!


Super Bowl Story Lines in One Sentence

I hate both the Pats and the Giants. I hate lots about both teams. So with this post, it’s gonna be simple. Different topics of the Superbowl summed up in one sentence, possibly one word. And we are off!

The food I made, along with the food everyone brought over (only have pictures of mine, brisket and pulled pork): So mouth-watering, you got fat alone by the amount of spit generated from staring at all the food

Eli Manning: How does THAT now have 2 Super Bowl Rings???

Tom Brady: Apparently running a 5.2 40 yard dash and looking like this is what does it for women these days(sweet head band, where the uggs at?)
Bob Kraft: Wish I had super bowl rings as cufflinks; what a boss

America the Beautiful by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert: Perfectly done
The National Anthem: Awesome performance with the drum line being a great complement to the simple, yet beautiful rendition
Team Introductions: Bring back individual introductions!
First Quarter of the game: GARBAGE
Brady’s first pass becoming a safety: Guess Gisele’s prayer request went unheard
Best Commercial during the 1st Quarter: M&M’s commercial
2nd Quarter of the game: Finally, the Patriots woke up and made it a game
Best Commercial during the 2nd Quarter: The dog bribing the man with Doritos
Halftime show: Impressive, with a reminder that M.I.A. thought she was number 1 (dumb bitch)
Ochocinco: 1 catch, still zero rings
3rd Quarter of the game: I was so full, I blacked out and couldn’t remember it/it was that uneventful
Best Commercial during the 3rd Quarter: Toyota Camry reinvented, the guy who walks in and sees his couch as all women, then all men and doesn’t seem to care.
Wes Welker’s drop: I hate the pats, but my heart went out for a great Red Raider

Manningham’s Catch: Stupid good

Ahmad Bradshaw: Tried to shit and score at the same time; got one of them right

The Hail Marry that just came up short: The defender’s eyes tell you all need to know about the emotions with that play

Best Commercial during the 4th Quarter: Bud Light’s “Wego” dog
What does another Super bowl do for the Giants?: Still 3 Super Bowl appearances and 1 more title short of America’s Team

Now what do we do without football?: Yu know…pitchers and catchers report in less than 2 weeks