Liar, liar, your career is on fire

2013 has already brought some compelling sports stories. Great match-ups in the NFL playoffs, fake girlfriends, NHL coming back, and pitchers and catchers are not far from reporting. But no story has been bigger than steroids. Two major headlines of the new year revolve directly around them. Lets take a look at each individually.

Baseball keeps its Hall-of-Fame doors shut for class of 2013

The writers spoke very loudly to some of the greatest players the game has ever seen. It looked Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemons right in the face and said “We don’t allow cheaters in here, kiss our ass.” Bold, but in my opinion, the right thing to do. The Hall-of-Fame is not a museum. It is a club that you have to earn the right to be in. The numbers baseball fans saw during that time were off the charts. But we all know why. These guys were blatantly cheating. Did baseball I’m general support it? You bet all those extra millions of dollars the game saw during that time they did! All the arguments about “well it was to stay on a level playing field” or “roids don’t help you hit home runs” or “I just did it to stay healthy” are all utter BS. First, THEY ARE ILLEGAL. That’s as clear cut as it gets. But if that doesn’t end the argument for you then there is this. You give the best baseball players in the world the ability to stay healthier and stronger for longer periods of time, it does help them hit home runs because the play in more games and now once two-hoppers to the fence are clearing the wall. So I applaud the writers in them sending the clear message to these guys.

Lance Armstrong is a dick

Lance Armstrong sat down to tell Oprah that he was a cheater (then apparently still lied about some stuff). Is it possible I can get my own special one-on-one chat with her to tell her that I’m bald? Or how bout it’s time I confess that I was born in Texas? Even better story for her, I have definitive proof that the world is indeed round. Lance Armstrong is living proof that if you cheat, you will get caught; no matter how powerful and/or popular you are. Here is a man who for over a decade hunted out media outlets around the world to scream about he was clean. He called people evil. He sued “liars” and took money from people who were telling the truth. He thought he was untouchable. Long fall down from the top isn’t? Sure all the money he has raised for cancer research is great. That must be what helps him sleep because in the interview, he appeared unapologetic. His emotions never matched the words that came out of his mouth. He isn’t sorry he cheated; he is sorry he got caught.

The common theme with athletes and steroids is none of them seem sorry or ashamed they took them. They are simply upset they got caught. I have yet to see an athlete who got caught using steroids and owned it. Something like “What I did was wrong. It was illegal. I did it to gain an advantage. I did it to get stronger. I’m sorry for being a cheater and a bad example.” People are pretty forgiving. It’s amazing what happens if you tell someone the truth and don’t shy away/make excuses for your actions. So Rodger, Bonds, Armstrong, A-rod, Sosa, and countless professional athletes who used illegal substances to do your job, I don’t feel an once of sorrow for you. You don’t have my respect. If anything, you own me and the general public respect points you can’t afford. Go look for pitty from someone else because I ain’t got time for that.


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