It’s interesting that I look at the huge gap in between posts. Last post was coming of the end of the football season, and my first one after it deals with the start of the new season! Got to be some sort of coincidence right?? Who knows? Moving right along, we will start by my own personal take on the preseason AP Top 25 poll. Honestly, preseason polls are nothing more than a good arguing point for college football fans because it’s all based solely on last year’s results and guessing what will happen this year. I mean USC was ranked #1 last year, and finished unranked. Plus, the AP poll is just the media, so what makes their voice so much more important than say, mine! I follow the game plenty, so how come I can’t give a vote for what teams I think will be good this year? I know, it’s their J-O-B, but how many of them REALLY actually watched more than just the prime-time games and slurped the Kool-Aid that other media outlets were producing?

With that being said, to kick this season off, I’m going to look at the AP Top 25 with my own spin on it. To limit the length of the post, each team will get the twitter treatment and have a limit of 140 characters. With that, we are off!

1. Alabama- Killed a tree, Saban is a football robot from the future, and it will take two losses in the regular season to stop a possible 3-peat
Ohio State

2. Ohio State- Braxton Miller Heisman front-runner, Urban Meyer still misses Tebow, best team in a weak Big 10, would be only 5th best team in SEC

3. Oregon- A high-octane fashion show that I can’t look away from, great chance to win Pac-12 and get more people to wear highlighter colors

(Word has it the picture above is their avg home attendance)
4. Stanford- The nerds have been hitting the weight room big time in Palo Alto, would not be a shocker if they won a second straight Rose Bowl

5. Georgia- If they lose to Clemson to start the year, people will be calling for Mark Richt to be fired, he will win 10 games, and life will move on.
South Carolina

6. South Carolina- “Welp, Clowney is fast, but my team is slightly overrated so hopefully he knocks ole boy’s helmet off again and Connor Shaw doesn’t suck”
Texas A&M


7. Texas A&M- Manziel get suspended for the season so A&M can win 5 games, then nobody outside of college station has to hear about y’all ever again

8. Clemson- Dabo! Sammy! Tajh! Offense everywhere! This the year the orange and purple meet those lofty expectations? Not buying it till I see it (see billboard for reminder of last BCS bowl season)

9. Louisville- They have a serious NFL prospect at QB. This team has no business in the top 10, see losses to 5-loss Syracuse & 7-loss UCONN at home in 2012

10. Florida- Probably deserved Alabama’s spot in the title game last year, if you listen closely, you can still hear Muschamp yelling on the sidelines
Florida State

11. Florida State- Have one of the greatest intro’s in college football, but the Seminole chop gets as annoying as Boomer Sooner. Should win the ACC this year

12. LSU- Coach eats grass, and their “off” year in 2012 were losses to #1, 8, & 10 in 2013 polls by a combined 13 points. The tigers will be good
Oklahoma State

13. Oklahoma State- HE’S A MAN! HE’S 45 NOW! COME AFTER THE REST OF THE BIG 12! And they will, lots of points in a wide open conference for the Cowboys
Notre Dame

14. Notre Dame-No more fake girlfriends, outside of possible questions at QB, Touchdown Jesus should be pretty happy with the 2013 season
Texas Longhorns

15. Texas-No love for a team with 19 starters back. I guess I’m not the only who doesn’t trusts David Ash & a D that couldn’t tackle anyone last year

16. Oklahoma-Blake Bell sucks, Boomer Sooner sucks, that Sooner Schooner sucks, Norman sucks, Stoops sucks, and that is 100% unbiased, just fact

17. Michigan-Not even sure if the best team in their own state, just find a way to beat Ohio State and it’s a good year for the Maize and Blue

18. Nebraska-11 wins last year, but all anyone remembers is getting 70 hung on them by a 5-loss team that didn’t belong in the conference title game
Boise State

19. Boise State-Join a big boy conference, then maybe everyone will take you seriously. In the meantime, shut up and color your blue turf

20. TCU-That new statue out front is terrifying, just like their defense will be, now lets see if Casey Pachall can put the bottle down

21. UCLA-The ultimate sleeper team in the Pac-12, they finally are going to be able to make the Battle for LA relevant nationally again

22. Northwestern (Football history is so poor and lacks rivals that I couldn’t find any “funny” thing to put up for them. Lame!)-This team will make life difficult for everyone in the conference, wouldn’t surprise me if they win 10 games this year

23. Wisconsin-This team has no business being in the top 25. Looked really bad at points last year, oh and had 5 losses!

24. USC-How does Lane Kiffin have a job? What has he done EVER to show he is actually knows how to coach or recruit? The answer is nothing

25. Oregon State-Wishes they were Oregon, try dropping Nike so you don’t play 2nd fiddle to the CEO’s Alma matter. Have no idea how they will do this year

And of course my Alma matter:
Red Raiders

Texas Tech-We could win 5 games; we could win 9 games. Nothing would surprise me. But we WILL be fun to watch this year! Welcome back Kliff! Wreck Em!

The season is within reach! Almost there! You can do it! The NFL will get a similar preview soon as well!

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