Most people have a hard time believing I was an English major in college. The fact is, I really enjoy writing. For the longest time I was told my “voice” wasn’t good enough to write anything worth a damn. Well, I’ll let the people decide. Odds are it will just be my Mom and friends who will actually read my posts. So Mom will have nothing negative to say, and my friends will just enjoy giving me shit because, that’s what friends are for. But if you are reading this and don’t actually know me personally, I hope you enjoy what my writing brings to the world-wide web.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. You could always write. I have one of your early “blogs” in my workshop. It was called ” Moving”. You were 11 when you wrote. Always stay true to yourself! Proud of you son! Hoorah!

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Sports + food = 95% of what I will write about

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