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Are you REALLY upset about the Cowboys latest signing?

Cowboy fans, and really all NFL fans, please stop with this moral high-ground stance when players with legal issues get signed to new contracts. Because it starts with this undeniable fact:


You are. There is no way to get around it. A collective fan base is extremely powerful when acting as one, cohesive unit. Much like any other business, if the consumer quits purchasing a product, the business will fail/be forced to change. If you are truly upset, and you are so wildly morally outraged that player X gets to still play and make millions of dollars after hitting a woman, or pulling out a gun, or driving drunk (possibly killing another human being), or abusing dogs/animals, or whatever crime the player committed, then this is how you would stand on those morals:

1. You would NEVER watch those games EVER AGAIN
2. You would NEVER buy/wear any gear by the teams
3. These two actions would ensure you NEVER, EVER associate yourself with the NFL ever again

Why step 3? Because every NFL franchise have players/had players who did some horrible things away from the football field. USA Today has complied every single arrest/charge in the NFL since 2000 ( Their records state there has been almost 800 events in that time frame. So lets look at specifically at players currently on the Dallas Cowboys roster for argument’s sake.

2014 Greg Hardy- “Police responded to call and reported that a woman accused Hardy of assaulting her and threatening her”
2012 Dez Bryant- “Turned himself in after being accused by his mother of hitting her.”
2012 Josh Brent- “Charged with intoxication manslaughter after flipping his car, killing teammate Jerry Brown. Police report blood-alcohol content at .189”
2011, 2013 Orlando McClain- “Accused of discharging a gun within city limits of Decatur, Ala., and putting a gun next to a man’s head in fight.” “Accused of resisting arrest at park in Decatur, Ala., after police responded to report of disturbance”

Not exactly the greatest line up. However, there was zero backlash against McClain being signed and all he did was put a gun to a man’s head. Let’s not also forget the Cowboys signed Adam “Pac Man” Jones and as of 2013 “Accused of punching a woman outside a Cincinnati bar on June 5. It is his eighth run-in with the law since 2005”. Crickets….crickets. Are the voices louder today because of the Ray Rice video? More than likely. So let’s go look at a few examples pre-2013 of specifically domestic violence.

2010 – Will Smith, DE for the Saints, “Charged after police in Lafayette, La., observed him allegedly arguing with his wife and pulling her by the hair.” He played for the saints for another 2 seasons after the incident

2010 – Leory Hill, linebacker for the Seahawks, “Charged with investigation of assault in the fourth degree/domestic violence from dispute with girlfriend in Issaquah, Wash”. He played for the Seahawks for another 2 seasons after the incident

2009 – Quinn Ojinnaka, OT for the Falcons at the time, “Accused of tossing his wife down the stairs and throwing her out of the house after an argument over him contacting a girl on Facebook in Gwinnett County, Ga.” He played in the NFL for another 3 years

2005 – Larry Johnson, RB for the KC Chiefs, “Accused of domestic abuse in scuffle with his girlfriend at a bar. Police said he shoved her to the floor.” Played for the Chiefs for another 4 years, was playing in the NFL until 2012. Also in 2003, “Accused of brandishing a gun during a dispute with his girlfriend, felony aggravated assault.”

2003- Michael Pittman, RB for the TB Bucs, “Police said he rammed his Hummer into his wife’s Mercedes, which was carrying his 2-year-old child and a babysitter in Phoenix.” Played on TB for another 4 years, was in the NFL till 2008

2000 – Corey Dillon, RB for the Bengals, “Accused of striking his wife in Washington, fourth-degree assault.” He played for the Bengals another 3 years, played in the NFL till 2006

2000 – Rod Smith, WR for the Broncos, “Accused of choking, beating and shoving his common-law wife at home near Denver.” He played for the Broncos for another 6 seasons.

2000 – Ray Lewis, LB for the Ravens, “Accused of murder in the stabbing deaths of two men outside a nightclub in Atlanta on the night of the Super Bowl.” Will most likely be a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer.

Do we see a trend here? I didn’t even put Adrian Peterson’s latest event on here because he will be playing football until he can’t run. Most of the cases I listed involved the players pleading to guilty to a lesser charge. Here is the thing, we all know right from wrong (hopefully). Think we can safely say hitting a woman or child is wrong, drinking and driving is wrong, murder is wrong.

So what gives? How can we as humanity stand for such injustice!? Let’s start with the idea of second chances. This country is full of people who have drastically turned their lives around after some dark, troubled days. If you serve the time for the crime, then any business (NFL or any other big business) can employ you at their own discretion. Second point, when you possess a very specialized skill that very few people can duplicate (ie star athletes, top actors/actresses, 4 star generals, we just saw General Petraeus get a slap on the wrist for willfully giving his mistress/author classified information) these individuals get off easy. It’s a hard fact to stomach, but it is reality. Life isn’t fair, and if you haven’t figured that out/accepted that yet, you are probably the one who complains the most and the loudest.

People haven’t stopped watching movies with actors who have domestic abuse arrests. People are not going to stop watching the NFL either. So stop with the fake outrage. You can be disappointed for sure, but there is no need to put on some spectacle about how “you can’t believe they did this” or “Team X will do whatever it takes to win, including selling their soul” All teams in all sports will do whatever it takes to win, that’s another fact. But at the root of this whole thing is social media has made it “trendy, fashionable, hip, etc.” to voice his or her 2 cents on hot button issues. I’m certainly guilty of doing it as well. These actions have become all but natural in society. But, can we all stop pretending like we are really outraged about this? This type of hollow and empty social media outrage fuels this imaginary fire that things can be changed with 140 characters at a time. It can START a change, it can IGNITE that fire, but it can’t sustain it. ACTIONS are what sustain change, not tweets/pics/memes/vines/FB statues/etc.

You are not a trend-setter by talking about your outrage with this topic. As long as your team wins, or you are entertained (see Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson, Nicholas Cage, the list goes on) you will turn your back to their troubled past. Do I like that it is easy for me to disconnect myself from what all of these individuals have done to enjoy their craft that they have elevated to the highest level? No, absolutely not. But when it comes to entertainment, those recognizable faces/players are often looked at as simply entertainers, not actual people. Think about growing up, when did you finally realize that there is an actual human being in those jerseys?

As a kid, you see these entertainers for what they do, not as an actual person. You might become more conscious of that those are actual humans out there, but you get consumed by the great feeling of joy, angry, frustrations, jubilation, any number of strong emotions because of the talent they have. It is because of this that allows so many of us to have the layer of disconnection between ourselves and those out there on that stage or field. The entertainment is so enjoyable for us, we don’t want to remember the person under the helmet that punched a woman, or that William Wallace isn’t actually a hero off the big screen. So while I condemn the actions taking by these athletes, performers, etc, I will not pretend to be morally outraged when they continue to get work. I also would encourage others to accept this as well, mainly just to put an end to endless whining. If you won’t accept it, you can do two things. First of which is take action, refuse to consume “products” produced by those with domestic violence charges. That’s how you can really make a statement. But if you can’t stop yourself from flipping on the Redzone channel, or going to that new movies, then do us all a favor and shut up.


Liar, liar, your career is on fire

2013 has already brought some compelling sports stories. Great match-ups in the NFL playoffs, fake girlfriends, NHL coming back, and pitchers and catchers are not far from reporting. But no story has been bigger than steroids. Two major headlines of the new year revolve directly around them. Lets take a look at each individually.

Baseball keeps its Hall-of-Fame doors shut for class of 2013

The writers spoke very loudly to some of the greatest players the game has ever seen. It looked Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemons right in the face and said “We don’t allow cheaters in here, kiss our ass.” Bold, but in my opinion, the right thing to do. The Hall-of-Fame is not a museum. It is a club that you have to earn the right to be in. The numbers baseball fans saw during that time were off the charts. But we all know why. These guys were blatantly cheating. Did baseball I’m general support it? You bet all those extra millions of dollars the game saw during that time they did! All the arguments about “well it was to stay on a level playing field” or “roids don’t help you hit home runs” or “I just did it to stay healthy” are all utter BS. First, THEY ARE ILLEGAL. That’s as clear cut as it gets. But if that doesn’t end the argument for you then there is this. You give the best baseball players in the world the ability to stay healthier and stronger for longer periods of time, it does help them hit home runs because the play in more games and now once two-hoppers to the fence are clearing the wall. So I applaud the writers in them sending the clear message to these guys.

Lance Armstrong is a dick

Lance Armstrong sat down to tell Oprah that he was a cheater (then apparently still lied about some stuff). Is it possible I can get my own special one-on-one chat with her to tell her that I’m bald? Or how bout it’s time I confess that I was born in Texas? Even better story for her, I have definitive proof that the world is indeed round. Lance Armstrong is living proof that if you cheat, you will get caught; no matter how powerful and/or popular you are. Here is a man who for over a decade hunted out media outlets around the world to scream about he was clean. He called people evil. He sued “liars” and took money from people who were telling the truth. He thought he was untouchable. Long fall down from the top isn’t? Sure all the money he has raised for cancer research is great. That must be what helps him sleep because in the interview, he appeared unapologetic. His emotions never matched the words that came out of his mouth. He isn’t sorry he cheated; he is sorry he got caught.

The common theme with athletes and steroids is none of them seem sorry or ashamed they took them. They are simply upset they got caught. I have yet to see an athlete who got caught using steroids and owned it. Something like “What I did was wrong. It was illegal. I did it to gain an advantage. I did it to get stronger. I’m sorry for being a cheater and a bad example.” People are pretty forgiving. It’s amazing what happens if you tell someone the truth and don’t shy away/make excuses for your actions. So Rodger, Bonds, Armstrong, A-rod, Sosa, and countless professional athletes who used illegal substances to do your job, I don’t feel an once of sorrow for you. You don’t have my respect. If anything, you own me and the general public respect points you can’t afford. Go look for pitty from someone else because I ain’t got time for that.

STOP! Where are you going?

So if you don’t even get past the first few sentences of this post, you are what’s wrong with America.

If you didn’t vote today, then don’t ever try to tell me you are a patriot. You are a waste of an American citizen if you are too lazy to take time to vote for the leader of our country. There isn’t a good enough excuse out there. It’s not like the date crept up on you. I don’t care if you think your vote doesn’t count (and yeah I think it should be the nations popular vote, not won on electoral votes); you are telling me you are too good to exercise a right that thousands of men and women have died for. Anyways, moving on to the focus of this post. Most/all of the excuses of not voting reveal one of the biggest problems with us as Americans. Americans lack patience.

Society today is centered around the “now.” Information is a smart device away. You can contact someone instantly via call, text, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and if you don’t respond to any of those in 5 minutes, all of sudden you are missing. We have such a hard time looking past now. We lose sight of the big picture. It’s always about “What have you done for me today?” It’s not even lately anymore; it’s the last 24 hours. It’s impossible to teach the values of hard work if you don’t teach patience FIRST. Possibly even before that, goal setting has to be established and we as individuals have to look at the most important things/issues in our own lives (mmmm sounds familiar…you want more on importance go back to my post from January of this year). The American Dream is being able to achieve anything you set your mind to. There are arguments everywhere on how that dream doesn’t exist anymore. The notion of the American Dream being dead is total and smelly bullshit. If you want to make something of yourself, it takes patience!

Perfect example for the fattest country IN THE WORLD. How many commercials are we bombarded with about how quickly you can lose 10, 15, 20, even 25 pounds? They are everywhere. But in a lot of those drastic transformations that were “soooo easy” you see time frames like a month, 2 months, 3 months, etc. Let’s just take the shortest time frame I have seen and the amount of weight you can lose. I’ve seen an advertisement for losing up to 20 lbs in a month. Ok people, step back and look at that for a second. That’s 30 days. If you eat a standard 3 meals a day, that’s 90 meals! 90 times you have to make a conscious effort to eat something better for you during the 28,800 hours you will spend awake (assuming you get 8 hrs a sleep every night), while taking this super pill, sacrificing all those foods and drinks you crave, and mix in some sort of exercise. That’s not easy; it’s just not. And if you wanna hit a weight loss goal higher than that, now you are just doubling and tripling those numbers. But lets say, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”

Day 1- Everything goes great
Day 2- Pretty good
Day 3- Man, my legs are sore but I can do this
Day 4- I need a day off, but at least I ate well today
Day 5 (which is a Friday)- I’ll go to happy hour and have one drink, I’ve earned it
Day 6- Of course I’m not gonna work out; I’m at a tailgate
Day 7- I’ll get back on the bandwagon Monday
Day 8- This sucks, plus someone brought in donuts today
Day 9- I haven’t lost any weight, this isn’t gonna happen

And just like that, you quit. You lost sight of that big picture. That example can be applied to anything. If it was easy, anyone and everyone could do it. If you have worked your butt off to achieve anything, you know that feeling. There isn’t anything like it. Yet, it seems like I hear more and more of “why isn’t this being done for me?” and the blame game is always the first to be played. The American Dream exists. But you can’t get it motionless in a Lazyboy. You have to grab it and not let go. You will have to hold on when it’s not popular, when it’s an inconvenience to you, when you are tired, when you are broke, when you are sick, when life kicks you right between the legs, when you are heart-broken, when the world has turned its back on you, and even then you are gonna have it ripped out of your hands and you will have to fight for it again. Keeping that dream is going to take tons of patience.

Patience gives you the opportunity to reflect on the big picture. It reminds you of where you are going and what is important to you. It gives you a chance to enjoy the now. Because when you are finally done painting that big picture, you will know at certain moments when it got tough and you wouldn’t stop. But things will get tough and there will be things out of your control. The Serenity Prayer is the perfect example of what patience is:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking…this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it;

Part of being patient is accepting there are some thing you cannot change; no matter how hard you try and how badly you want them to change. It’s extremely difficult sometimes to not be able to realize what can and cannot be changed. But there is a way to start seeing those things; by being patient. That patience brings experiences which will lead to that wisdom mentioned in the prayer. Being patient is difficult, but is worth it. It prevents you (most of the time) from doing something regrettable. Instead of being consumed and making emotional-charged decisions, you can take a step back and see everything.

Whatever the result is of this election, you complaining about it isn’t going to change it. If your guy wins, then ya be happy. If he doesn’t, then be upset. But the fact still remains, the result will still be unchanged when you get up tomorrow. And if it bothers you still, give it another day. If it still bothers you, wait a little longer. If it hasn’t gone away a month from now, then maybe it’s become something worth fighting for and you should start doing something about it. Odds are if you remain patient, it will go away. Even after 6 months, if it still remains, it’s quite possible you have stumbled across your new American Dream and it’s time for you to seize it. If it’s not, then ask for “the serenity to accept the things [you] cannot change; courage to change the things [you] can; and wisdom to know the difference.” If you don’t want the courage to change things, then shut up and quit complaining. Slow down and remember where you want to go. Keep that in mind and that patience will drive you wherever your dreams may be, no matter how uncertain that road is.

I’m Back! And I’m Pretty Hungry!

Hello Blog-o-sphere!!! I know that all 3 of my fans have missed the blog posts, but no fear! I realized that it has been a few months since I have actually written something and I am very upset about it. I’ve been doing a little work on my novel since my last blog post, but it’s been over a month and a half since I have written jack squat. So it’s time to get back on my blog game!

The problem is I couldn’t decide on what to write about. The baseball playoff races are heating up. Both college football and NFL seasons are underway now. Today is 9-11. Fantasy football is another solid choice. But they all seemed just too obvious of topics that I would write about. I’ll save my thoughts on football, college and pro, for the rest of the season. And a quick side note, today is the anniversary of one of the most horrific events in American history. This is something everyone reading this already knows. As a result, this day has come to be known as Patriots day. And while it is EXTREMELY important to remember 9-11, let us not also forgot about other tragedies in American history. For example, Pearl Harbor is another defining moment in this country’s history. In order to move forward successfully, as a country and individuals, we have to always remember the past because those events have dictated the direction in which the future will go. So while today is mainly about 9-11, don’t forget other events that have shaped this country and all the sacrifices of previous military members that allow our country to stay free.

I’ll keep my Red, White, and Blue post for another time because I want to give it clear thought while writing it. With today being such an emotional day, it would turn more into a rant than a thoughtful post. With that, I finally settled on a much lighter topic. A topic that is very close to me, and is something I miss practically daily because I live on the east coast.


Oh the WHAT!! As far as I am concerned, this is the best fast food chain in America. Between the choice, the voice of Whataburger, the quality, and the hours; you can’t beat Whataburger. Let’s start with your food options.

So first off, the burgers are the best chain burgers around. I’ve had In and Out; I’ve had chain burger out there and simply put, Whataburger is better (no knock on In and Out or any other burger chain joint). But outside of the standard burgers and sandwiches, Whataburger has a hall-of-fame list.

These were seasonal items, which were so popular, Whataburger decided to carry them year round. One of them actually was discontinued at one point, but made a glorious comeback. Let’s look at each one with the description provided straight from their website.

A1 Thick and Hearty: “Two 100% pure American beef patties, crispy bacon and melted American cheese. And of course, that tangy, makes-your-mouth-water A.1.® Thick & Hearty sauce.”

This is the burger that Whataburger initially retired after one more year kicking ass in the fast food world, but just like Brett Favre, came back and just wouldn’t go away. One huge difference; this burger is way more interesting than Favre. Just all-around goodness on a bun.

Chop House Cheddar Burger: “Two 100% pure American beef patties, crispy bacon, grilled onions and shredded cheddar cheese. All topped by our very own Creamy Steak Sauce.”

I LOVE this burger! The grilled onions combined with the steak sauce produces a great flavor. Can’t go wrong with this bad boy.

The Patty Melt: “Two 100% pure American beef patties, grilled onions, two slices of Monterey Jack cheese and our famous Creamy Pepper Sauce.”

The different cheeses along with the pepper sauce make this burger stand out. Of course, the Texas toast is standard on this burger, and while you may want to add bacon (as you would with anything), it actually satisfies all of your burger taste buds without bacon. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Green Chile Double: “Two 100% pure American beef patties, two kinds of cheese – Monterey jack and American – all topped with our roasted, seasoned green chiles.”

First off, if you haven’t had a burger with Green chiles, you are missing out. The smoky flavor of the chiles combined with a salty burger is fantastic! So naturally, you take the best fast food burger and add this New Mexican-style twist makes for a helluva burger.

Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich (also known as the HBCSS): “Three 100% chicken breast strips, our Honey BBQ Sauce, two slices of Monterey Jack cheese—all on your choice of Texas toast or a toasted five-inch bun.”

O-M-G!! This is one of my all-time favorite sandwiches, period. First off, the chicken strips alone are fried up perfectly and gives great crispness and juiciness to the sandwich. They are then blanketed in two slices of cheese and then they jump into a hot-tube full of Honey BBQ sauce that is all help together by two slices of buttery Texas Toast. Go ahead, take a moment. If you need to run out to get one and won’t read the rest of this, I completely understand.

So if that wasn’t good enough, the breakfast dominates the fast food scene as well. The staples look like this:

The taquitos are solid; one knock is maybe the quality of the tortillas. But you can’t go wrong with them. Breakfast on a Bun (or BOB) is a burger-sized sandwich that is egg, cheese, and either bacon or sausage. Got to love a big breakfast sandwich. Then there is the staple of the breakfast menu (which can be seen on the right in the above picture): The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Whataburger’s website describes them as, “One juicy, breaded chicken strip on a buttermilk biscuit. It’s covered with our special Honey Butter sauce, which some folks call “liquid gold.”” “Liquid gold” just doesn’t do it justice. The sweet buttery sauce combined with a buttery, soft biscuit make for more than a meal. It is an experience. Once it hits your lips, it’s like the first time I saw Ken Griffey Jr. swing a bat and hit a home run. It’s just one of those revelations that changes your life forever. I could eat one everyone morning until the day I die.

How can you not love this place? Oh did I mention it is open 24 hours a day? Yeah, I don’t think I really need to go into that any more. The last, but certainly not least, thing that makes Whataburger great is The Voice. If you have seen a commercial, you know who I am talking about. If you haven’t, watch the few options I have provided below. For the record, the burger they show in the first video is exactly what my dream burger looks like (extra slice of cheese not necessary, but wouldn’t hate it).

Honestly, if I could select either the Whataburger voice or Morgan Freeman to narrate my life, it would be Mr. Whataburger. Truth is, I don’t know what his name is. Could I find out? Yeah, no doubt. Quick Goggle search would probably take care of it, but the anonymity of who he is adds to the legend. And if he was in a movie, or on TV, I would instantly be able to point him out with one word leaving his mouth. I mean, when he talks about “getting out Whataburgered” it just makes me want to go back every time.

It’s been great to write again. I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will disagree with my statement of Whataburger being the best fast food chain in America, which is fine. I just await someone to actually try to make an argument more passionate and informative than this. And if someone does, I will be impressed. The only thing I can hear from the hatters are “You are from Texas. You are such a homer. Blah, Blah, Blah.” Yes, I am a Texan. Yes, I am a homer. But I GUAR-UN-TEE you if you grew up with this gem of a place, you would agree with me. So go getcha a Whataburger, “Just Like You Like It.”

Men, we have a serious problem…

I’m pissed off. I saw something the other day that has pushed me to the edge. It is something I thought I could escape being deployed. But no, it has followed me out here half way across the world. I don’t know how this is even cool or why, as a guy, you would do this. I just don’t understand when things got this bad. If we don’t do something about this, we as men, may never recover. Clearly, I can only be talking about one thing.

Skinny Jeans (cue the dramatic DUN DUN DUNAAAA!!)

Seriously, this is bad. I was walking to the bathroom and saw a man rocking jeans tight enough to keep all oxygen from entering his lower body. Did this start as some sort of lost bet?

“Hey bro if you lose, you have to put on women’s jeans. Annnnnd, you have to find the smallest pair you can fit into.” Few days later, the losing party buys the jeans and gets ready to be embarrassed. He takes about 15 min to jump around and somehow squeeze into them. Finally, he poses for the boys. Silence engulfs the room. Then the first idiot opens his mouth.

“Dude, you look really good in those.” The bros all nod and subtly say “Ya.” The man in the jeans is starting to buy into this notion that some how he could look good in denim leggings.

“You guys think I should wear these out?” It could have been stopped right here! But nobody objects, and now, he is free to rock the male camel toe for all to see. DAMN IT! What’s worse is his girlfriend could have been the second person to stop all of this. She could have just said, “Take my jeans off, you like a clown.” But noooooooo, she went ahead and choose the opposite route. “Oh baby, that’s a great new look for you. I love the fact you are willing to hide your manliness in public in a desperate attempt to look nice for me. I’m not going to sleep with you because by the time we get those off, I’ll just be tired. But I still love you and the new look!” How can those be even be comfortable? Why would I want the jeans to hug every square inch of my legs? It just drives me crazy. When putting pants on, this should not be you expression after you struggle to get them on:

You get that expression because you lost weight and fit into smaller clothes that quit fitting you after they opened a Chiptole, Dairy Queen, and Chick-fil-A across your street. Not because you have to kick, scream, twist, shout, and pray that a pair of jeans (THAT YOU BOUGHT WITH A CLEAR AND PRESUMABLY SOBER MIND, TRIED ON ALREADY, KNEW THEY FIT YOU LIKE YOUR OWN SKIN IS CHOKING YOU, AND STILL THROW 100 BUCKS AT IT) fit. Yes, I am very upset. Then comes the practicality of the jeans. You might as well not have any pockets because nothing can fit in there. And is it even possible to bend to over and tie your shoes? Not a chance in hell. You know why this works for women? They carry purses and wear shoes that don’t have to be tied. I carry a wallet and a cell phone. If I can’t fit them in jean pockets, I have to carry them by hand. Are we seeing where this is going? It would be one thing if just a few rando bros did this. But it has swept the nation, and it really creates a bigger problem than just a fashion trend.

Here is another question for the world. Have you ever seen a healthy looking man in skinny jeans? Seriously? Every time I have ever seen a dude rockin’ these stupid things, I’m just can’t help but think “Eat a hamburger or something. Go do some lunges, squats; hell just go run for a start.” Do you have to sign up for an experimental surgery where you donate all of your testosterone to science so you can buy a pair of these bad boys? Here is where things get ugly…er. How many more women fashion trends are going to cross over for men? I’m serious. Man-purses already exist, what’s next? The mress (man-dress) or the makirt (man-skirt)? Skinny jeans = great look for a woman (obviously there are some exceptions, for the love of god woman, do not wear your skinny jeans to CiCi’s and let that muffin top ooze out for all those poor little kids to see). There are plenty of looks for women that need to stay on a woman. But this is an issue that goes beyond the runway. Men are getting softer. Men are losing manhood. And this has ZERO to do with the strides women are taking (and making) in the world in becoming more successful.

To the women of the world, keep doing ya thing. I work with lots of great women and have no issues with them. They are great co-workers. There are plenty of them who are better in this career field than the men. Now back to the issue at hand. Men we have to draw the line. We have to look firmly in the mirror and say “What is seen on the runway, stays on the runway.” Hell even that wasn’t mainly even. Try “I’m gonna dress and act like a man damn it! I don’t care if Erin Andrews wants me to put these itty bitty jeans on and said she wouldn’t be seen next to me if I chose not to wear them.” I know what all you guys are thinking. “Oh you totally would for her (Honest answer, I’d think about it).” But, more importantly, men have plenty of looks that work better for them and it doesn’t compromise who we are. And, if it was Erin Andrews, I would hope she would respect me more for not popping a testicle putting trying to put on those jeans. If you can’t find a woman to appreciate you for being a man, then be a MAN, and move on.

Ok, I think I am off my soap box with that, at least for now. But be warned, if you are wearing these jeans and I catch you, you will hear about it from me. Don’t care if you across the street, or if I’m face-to-face with you; I will remind you that you are no longer a man. I hope all of you reading this can agree with me that something must be done to save all of mankind. Because there can only be one theory behind of all this that makes any sense, Crab People.