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The Dog Days of Being a Sports Fan

The Super bowl was pretty damn good this year. However, something happens every year after the super bowl recaps are done. Sports fans encounter about a 3-4 week black hole. Unless your biggest sports passions are with basketball, hockey, golf, or tennis, it’s really hard to be excited about anything in the sports world this time of year. Even with basketball, it’s middle of the season for the NBA and it’s still a few weeks from the college basketball games really getting meaningful. It doesn’t mean the games are terrible. I have actually seen some great college games recently. But, this isn’t college football, so it’s hard to get super fired about the season until it is close to the end and the league tournaments start. When you really look at it, this is the worst time of the year for sports in general. Just think about what the weekends are like in the fall when football is going. Saturdays generally start for me around 930-1000 am. After making some breakfast, I’m firmly planted in front of the TV ready for College Gameday.

015 (4)

See? What a great way to start off my day! And while I’m eating my breakfast watching the crew preview the matchups, this is me anticipating the games:

Kickoff rolls around and all day, I’m pretty sure this is what I look like

But this is how I’m feeling all day

Then of course there is the fact that generally some beer is involved in some form or fashion during the day, so at some point I have to realize I have drank too much

That’s a pretty good sign.

Then I’m upset because all of the games have come to an end, but then it hits me:

I get to do it all again with the NFL tomorrow!!!! Man life is really good with football on TV.

But just like that, football goes away.

No worries though, I still have the weekends to relax. Well it’s only middle of February, I can go figure out something to do outside.

Well playing outside is over-rated anyways (Yes, it gets cold in SC, maybe not with snow, but cold enough to were no one wants to go outside).

Let me flip on the TV. Oh so lets see, there is professional bowling

Some golf tournament I’ve never heard of


What am I going to do? I try to keep my mind occupied. But without all those football games, for some reason, it just feels so lonely

And for just as glorious as the weekends are getting to witness 2 days of football, I get double dose of nothing-ness for these weeks. So Saturday shows up and does this

Then Sunday rolls along with this

So for roughly a three-week time frame we, as sports fans as a whole, suffer. We kick, scream, and exhaust all our energy

But just when we have had enough

March begins. All baseball teams have reported for spring training. The madness that is college basketball begins and it is fantastic. The playoff races are taking shape in the NBA and NHL. The build up for the first major of the year in golf is underway. Hell even NASCAR is well underway at this point. March brings anticipation of seeing that sports light at the end of the tunnel

Plus the weather is warming up, which means much better weather for so many more activities!

Rejoice sports fans! We can do this! It’s only a few weeks we have to deal with the dark, dog days of sports. We do it every year. We can do it again this year. So even though we feel like this for 3 weeks

We all know that our schedules will be full with great sporting events and we can be happy yet again!